Foot Nutrition

650000 đ 120 MINS

One of the most sensitive parts of the body, our feet are not only designed to support us from the ground up, but also to speak to us through the voice of sensation. They deserve time and attention, love and respect. Spoil yourself with our Foot Nutrition package starting with relaxing foot soak, a full leg exfoliation, heels treatment followed by a foot massage and finished with the Express pedicure service.

  • Foot Rescue 60'
  • Foot Rest 30' 
  • Express Manicure & Pedicure

Four Colourful Seasons

Spring Waltz

840000 đ 135 MINS

Start the season off feeling fresh with our ‘spring cleaning’ routine. First, detoxify and rehydrate your skin with our Organic Seasonal Fresh Fruits Wrap, then relieve stress and tension with 60 minutes Herbal Massage. Finally, a warm and gentle foot massage complete your journey to tranquility — and rediscovered energy. 

  • Organic seasonal fresh fruits wrap 45'
  • Herbal massage 60' 
  • Foot rest 30' 
Summer Scent

990000 đ 165 MINS

If the hot and humid weather might bring you terrified rash, why don’t soothe it away with our Summer Scent package, which combines the cooling 45-minute Heal After Sun Wrap and the relaxing 75-minute body massage. Your face is also treated for a clearer, firmer, and more youthful look. You will leave feeling fresh and relaxed.

  • Healing after sun wrap 45'
  • Emotion Signature 75'
  • Facial renewal 45'
Autumn Love

1120000 đ 180 MINS

Autumn is often associated with very distinctive fragrances that lay the pathway, to gently guide us into the holidays. Have your skin nourished with our enzymatic pumpkin body scrub. Next, head massage and foot reflexology are chosen to relax you from head-to-toe. Complete your journey with our signature face rejuvenation with seasonal fresh fruits mask to give you a revived, refreshed, radiantly youthful appearance.

  • Enzymatic pumpkin body scrub 45'
  • Head massage 30' 
  • Foot reflexology 45' 
  • Youthful face rejuvenation 60'
Winter Sonata

1210000 đ 195 MINS

The main theme of this package is pure, blissful and cozy warmth, so enjoy the great smell of our honey & coffee scrub followed by the 90 minutes full-body nurturing hot stone massage. The heat from the stones warms and relaxes the muscles, improves circulation and calms the nervous system. This produces a deep state of relaxation, and mental and physical healing. Finally, your outer glow will be restored with a 60-minute anti-aging facial treatment.

  • Honey & Coffee scrub 45'
  • Hot Stone Treatment 90'
  • Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial 60'

Emotion Awake

1390000 đ 240 MINS

Take some well deserved time out to indulge yourself with our head-to-toe package. This is designed to be both deeply relaxing, healing and of course pampering, leaving you renewed and revived and ready to take on the world again. Your journey begins with sea salt scrub, followed by the traditional Swedish therapy massage. To take you further down the path of total relaxation and inner peace, Facial Renewal and Foot Rescue are both combined plus the quick care of your manicure and pedicure, the perfect finish to a brand new you.

  • Mineral-rich sea salt scrub 45'
  • Swedish Therapy 60'
  • Facial Renewal 45'
  • Foot Rescue 60'
  • Express Manicure and Pedicure
“Love your selft first, and everything else falls in line” LUCILLE BALL